Reflections on our relationships to land 

COP26 banner image 1.jpg

I worked in collaboration with Glasgow Community Food Network to create this series of banners which were displayed in November 2021 at Civic House as part of the COP26 Coalition events.

The three banners were created through a series of workshops in community organisations around Glasgow in which we discussed our relationships to the land around us, and what a more reciprocal relationship to the land could look like.

During the workshops, pieces of used cotton bed sheets were dyed with onion skins, creating these beautiful yellow hues. This demonstration of how natural waste materials could be repurposed, sparked discussions about what a more circular and respectful use of resources could look like, drawing attention to the threats that a fast fashion industry and a global economic system that throws away a third of all food harvested pose to our planet.

Participants were asked to write or draw a message on their fabric squares to reflect the discussions held during each workshop, and used an iron solution to paint onto the cotton fabric which creates a dark mark. Here you can see the messages of all participants brought together in three beautiful banners - messages about reconnecting with the land, about showing love and care for our planet. In keeping with the theme of this project, every part of these banners were hand made using traditional natural dye processes on ethically sourced cloth in respect of the land that created it. The borders were made from silk eco-printed with locally foraged leaves, and the backs were dyed with indigo. 

 I am so grateful to everyone who helped make this project possible; to from the wonderful people at Glasgow Community Food Network, Soul Food Sisters, Kinning Park Complex, The Centre of Contemporary Arts, Pollokshields Bowling Green and Urban Roots, and to all the great folk who came along and joined our workshops.

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