Bark - Cochineal & Madder
  • Bark - Cochineal & Madder

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    This organic wool scarf was first dyed with madder root which gives the orange hue, and then overdyed with cochineal to give the pink colour. The colours intertwine with one another to give a complex palette of warm hues.

    The 'bark' design is created using a technique known in Japanese as 'Arashi' where the cloth is tied around a cyclinder during dyeing and then bunched up to create the resist pattern. This is a time-consuming and tricky process, and I am only able to tie enough cloth for one scarf at a time. Each piece is totally unique and the handcrafted nature of the resist technique is evident in the irregularity of the finished pattern.

    This scarf measures approximately 1.5m by 45cm the fabric is a lightweight fine merino wool.