Bark - Cochineal
  • Bark - Cochineal

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    This lampshade is made from hand-loomed ahimsa silk dyed with cochineal to give this glorious pink-purple pattern. 

    The 'bark' design is created using a technique known in Japanese as 'Arashi' where the cloth is tied around a cyclinder during dyeing to create the resist pattern. This is a time-consuming and tricky process, and I am only able to tie enough cloth for one lampshade at a time. Each piece is totally unique and the handcrafted nature of the resist technique is evident in the irregularity of the finished pattern.

    The hand-dyed silk cloth is adhered to a white PVC fire-resistant backing, and fixed to epoxy coated steel rings. The shade can be safely fitted with bulbs up to 100 watts, and comes with a discreet adaptor to enable your lampshade to fit a Bayonet (B22)or Edison (E14/E27/E26) light fitting. The external measurements are 30cm diameter and 21cm height.