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Naturally dyed textiles, handmade in Glasgow.

My passion for natural dyeing was born out of a love of colour, an interest in handcrafted textile techniques, and a desire to create in greater harmony with nature. I use traditional hand dyeing methods and resist techniques to create bold and colourful contemporary textile pieces and homewares.


Having studied and worked in architecture for most of my career, I craved a more intimate and tactile connection to my work, and to our natural environment. With the discovery of natural dyeing I became totally enthralled by the rich global history of the craft and the complex alchemy of the practice, and set up Wild Hues in October 2020 to pursue this passion.


Working solely with natural fibres and dyes has pushed me to be more inventive as a designer, and to develop a stronger understanding of the strengths and limitations of my chosen materials. I have carefully sourced a small selection of ethically and sustainably produced cloth, and use only a limited range of natural dyes which are traditionally known to produce the most colourfast results. 


All of my work is created with reverence to my chosen materials, respect to the traditions with which I am following, and careful consideration for the sustainability and ethics of the production process.